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Use of foam and caulk

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A fast and easy way to insulate and seal between the logs is to use expanding foam between each log and in every opening or crack. It is ugly however and you need to dress it up. This can be done by using a circular wire brush attached to the end of an electric drill. With this you can go back over the foam and form it to a nice convex finish. Then go over the foam with a caulking compound that is waterproof and elastic. This will give an exceptionally good finish to your cabin and also go a long way toward preventing air infiltration.


There are lots of ways to make your roof. You can use rafters like the above photos or you can use trusses, or you can use purlins like the little chalet cabin on this page. No matter how you decide to make your roof you need to think about the load on the roof whether it will be snow or wind. It needs to be able to withstand the worst that might happen while the cabin is standing there so it should be built strong. In this case a very strong ridge pole holds up the rafters. See below

Ridge Pole

This ridge pole is held up by both the gable end wall and also a post just inside the gable ends. This ensures that the ridge pole has enough support. This pole spans only 16 feet and is plenty strong for the span. Since a system like this depends on the ridgepole to provide most of the support it is a good idea to overbuild.

More Ridge Pole Photos

Alaska Real Estate

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