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Have you been wondering about building your own cabin but are not sure you are ready to undertake a long hard task? Here is a simple method using only 6 foot logs that almost anyone can handle once they are dry.

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There are many advantages of our construction methods over conventional log construction. Please see below for more information.

Faster Construction

The log cabin goes up fast. You don't have to make any fancy cuts or notches. Scribe fit methods take a lot of time even for skilled workers. With this method, all the cuts are square cuts easily accomplished with a chain saw.

The short logs also allow for faster construction because no heavy equipment is needed for lifting. One man or woman can move these logs around on their own. If the logs are allowed to dry the weight of each log is significantly reduced. If weight is very important, smaller logs can be used.

On Site Materials

Since you only need logs that are six feet long, a well treed one acre lot can easily provide enough material to build your walls. The cabin above was built from the logs found on the one acre site. It is not necessary to find a stand of straight, tall timber.

Logs of different sizes and even different shapes can be used. It is even possible to fit crooked logs together with this method without a lot of hassle.

Low Cost

Because of the use of on site materials, it is possible in many parts of the country to build this 24X24 cabin for as little as $1,500. That of course means that one must think "low cost" throughout the project. The other costly items are your foundation, floor and roof. If those costs are kept under control, a $1,500 cabin is possible. That would not include any extras of course.

The cabin pictured and others like it are being built in Alaska. Our materials costs are significantly higher here. This cabin has a metal roof, heated concrete floor, plumbing, electrical wiring, tongue and groove pine ceiling and a kitchen and bathroom. It cost about $15,000 to build.

Minimal Settling

We can almost say no settling but because different tree species shrink at different rates and different ways we cannot guarantee no settling. However, compared to conventional log construction, the settling is minimal. For most log species, you don't have to even worry about it or allow for settling in the construction.

While a normal log cabin will settle several inches during the first few years, this one hardly settles at all. That is because the logs do not shrink along their length but most of the shrinkage is in their width. If you stack a bunch of logs up horizontally as in traditional log building, the accumulated shrinkage of each log on top of each other results in the whole wall settling 1-4 inches depending on the amount of moisture in the logs to begin with.

We use spruce logs and can put them up green and still not worry about settling. If we put them up green they do shrink in their width but that does not make the walls settle down. The shrinkage is easily taken up by chinking.

Illustrated Handbook

Our handbook explains this method and goes into detail on how to handle and join the logs and install windows and doors. We give detailed instructions from the foundation through the roof.

We have discontinued publishing of the hard copy (it was $15) but still publish the e-book.

For only $8.00 you can order the e-book (It's the same thing but it saves us postage and time). You can just click on the paypal button here.

We will send you the link and the password for you to open up the digital handbook. You will be able to save it on your computer or print it out. This is copyrighted so you do not have permission to sell your copies.

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